If you're visiting Stellar for the first time, please arrive 15 minutes early so we can process your new account effectively and get you set up on the studio floor properly. Classes begin promptly as scheduled.

We will be closed April 20th; Easter Sunday.

Deep Stretch: (60 minutes) In Vinyasa yoga, we often move at the speed of "One Breath, One Movement." Because it's so fast paced, flexibility doesn't come as quickly as it would with other styles. In order to reach deep to the muscles fibers while stretching, a stretch must be held for a minimum of 20 seconds. For change to begin and flexibility to be increased, you need to hold that stretch for at least 10 seconds more; a total of one minute or more being ideal. So we created this class to help round out yogi's practices as well as encourage their muscles to lengthen faster so different postures during vinyasa classes can be practiced more intensely.  The pace is slow; we only explore about 15 poses each class. With the style of Yin in mind, we never stand during this class. Appropriate for all levels.

Vinyasa Basics: (Both 60 & 75 mins available) Build a strong foundation for your yoga practice as a new or seasoned student here. Proper and in-depth explanation of form, alignment as well as names for key poses of yoga are taught at a slower pace at first then increasingly faster throughout the class to prepare you for more advanced Vinyasa/Flow classes. Exploring around 30 poses per class, as opposed to 50+, this is a great place to start your practice or refresh it for better flexibility, relaxation, balance, focus, self-awareness and self-empowerment.

Epic Hour: (60 minutes) Similar to what many in the industry would know as a Power Hour, this One Breath, One Movement vinyasa flow class sequences standing poses to get the heart pounding with music that reinforces your drive and power from within. Built for the purposes of testing and building your strength and endurance while simultaneously learning to control the breath and heart rate with that inner connection of body and mind, if you haven't got a lot of time to spare but have goals to attain in your heart, body, spirit and mind, this class isn't just an avenue towards greatness; it pushes you towards that ultimate goal of becoming whole.

Vox Vinyasa: (75 minutes) An upbeat, faster paced Vinyasa/Flow class directed towards strength and endurance building as well as stability training for balance specifically designed to reduce anxiety and stress. More often than not moving your body to the pace of One Breath, One Movement, you'll increase focus and ultimately still the mind. Be prepared to sweat as well as see results faster in both your body and mind. Appropriate for all levels; though beginners may find themselves struggling to keep up.

Strong Intermediate: (60 minutes) This is the class where we take yogis with a regular practice who find Vox Vinyasa to be a pleasant and not so challenging class to the next level. We'll get into several different binds that require much more flexibility than we've explored before, balance postures without focal points that include backbends, deeper and more challenging binds, arm balances, headstands, forearm stands, handstands, and so much more. Be prepared to be upside down or with 2 or more limbs in the air often. The prerequisites for this class is that you're NOT a beginner (which means you can handle other classes with a steady and controlled breath throughout the class and when you can't you know to modify a pose or just go into Child's Pose or Down Dog), NOT pregnant, and you're prepared to be called out in class by name as well as kicked out of class for not listening to your body or refusing to listen to and apply instructions. In yoga, though most don't talk about it, not listening or paying attention could literally cause you to break a bone, have a stroke, become paralyzed, go blind, suffer a concussion, bite through your tongue, or suffer a myriad of other unfortunate incidences. Not every pose is for every body. For some it might take weeks, others minutes, others years or even decades. It's not a competition with anyone or anything beyond your own ego. And when your safety is on the line, being asked to leave a class so you can take some time to re-frame your mind and ego is much better than your frustration building, your energy fading, and then you bursting into a pose for the sake of just doing it and getting hurt in the process because you lost sight of why we practice those poses in the first place at all.

First Saturdays TOTAL BEGINNERS Workshop: Sponsored by Manduka®, this monthly 3 hour workshop is offered on the first and third  Saturdays of each month. The workshop starts at noon with laid back discussion of what yoga is, what to expect in a vinyasa class, detailed instruction and hands on learning of several foundational poses. Students are encouraged to take notes. An open forum style classroom setting, questions are highly encouraged as are discussions on all things related to yoga. The workshop ends with a 45 minute vinyasa flow class from 2:15 till 3 including Warm up, Salutations, standing poses, seated poses, deep stretch and cool down. THIS IS A FREE WORKSHOP/CLASS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC REGARDLESS OF POSSIBLE/PREVIOUS/CURRENT STELLAR MEMBERSHIP. We're offering this as an outreach program to get yoga into the lives of more people as well as help our new students get a better grasp quicker with a different atmosphere than an evening 75 minute fast paced, higher energy class. Limited space. All shapes and sizes welcome. No children. PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO REGISTER.

One-On-One Private Sessions: This is where you get the studio to yourself with M'ai and her undivided attention. She works her yoga instructor magic with you on a personal level like a personal trainer would as well as a life coach and friend. Your private one-on-one session is where M'ai gets to the root of why your goals are what they are, and from the depths of what makes you who you are and who you want to become, she stylizes and then teaches you a personalized series of postures/flows and exercises as well as deep stretches and breathing techniques to work on at home or even at work. Some practices can even be done while stuck in rush hour traffic. M'ai also writes out all of what's discussed/taught for you to take home with you that day. One-on-Ones are great for those who are brand new to this whole yoga thing, too, and would like the special attention that comes with a private session to learn the proper form and possible modifications needed for your body and/or medical condition(s). Enjoying classes to your fullest potential is just as important as showing up. For those not new at all but are ready for more and have poses/postures you're itching to get into, a One-on-One can get you right where you need to be as well.